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Our Skills & Abilities

If you need specialists in any of the following areas, you know who to call

  • before and after

    We're are website revamp gurus!
    (so we've have been told)

    Thanks to helping a good number of companies revamp their online identities over the last 5 years, we have managed to turn website revamps in to somewhat of a specialty, in fact 60% of our projects over the last 2 years have been website revamps.

    With such a high level of experience in this area each revamp has been amazingly successful. So when your website stops producing the results maybe it's time for that long overdue revamp.

  • Conceptual Design & Brain Storming

    Conceptual Sketches & Wire frames
    (let the sketching begin !)

    The Conceptual stage is usually the initial stage of a website development project. This is where the designer sits down with all interested people within a business for a brainstorming session, the usual outcome is that of various ideas that are later refined again and again and eventually make up the final design that is then developed into a website or application.

    We absolutely love this stage of bringing conceptual ideas into life.

  • Front end Design & Interface Design

    Front-end Works & Interface Design
    ( world class interface dev elopement )

    All new technology relies heavily upon user interface design to elevate it's technical complexity into a usable product. The importance of good User Interface Design can be the difference between product acceptance and rejection in the marketplace.

    We have designed hundreds of application interfaces from web apps to large scale complex cloud (SAS) software for blue chip clients. We focus on usability, layout & lightweight, user friendly interfaces

  • PHP & MYSQL Mystro

    ( what a combination. simply a match made in heaven)

    Over the years, PHP & Mysql have become the most popular open source tools for developing dynamic websites and web apps. This powerful combination of open source programming language and database has revolutionised the development of web-enabled applications and websites in a huge way.

    Using PHP and Mysql we can produce websites & applications that can do just about anything.

  • Front end Design & Interface Design

    App & Cloud Software Development
    (the next generation of programming)

    Web Apps & Cloud Solutions are a growing phenomenon in the software development arena. Why, because, they come with cross-platform compatibility, the ability to connect remotely and basically not having to install any additional software on your computer before firing up your application.

    Incorporating our vast experience, and combining our design & coding skills, we are able to create, design & develop webapps and cloud software quickly and creatively.

  • PHP & MYSQL Mystro

    Contracting & Consultancy
    (happy to hear from you)

    So maybe your designer or programmer has up and left, or you need an extra set of hands for a short period of time, or maybe you just need some advice on designing, developing or taking your idea to market.

    Before you pick up the phone and call you local IT agency for a contract or temp designer or programmer, get in touch and save your self the hassle and the extra money you will have to pay the agency for the referral.

Let's talk about how we can work together to improve your website and boost your conversions...

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